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Easier To Use

I find this app easy to use and more than adequate. My beef is that at least once a year I stop getting billing notifications. What gives?! I only use the app to make payments, yet it just stops notifying me that payment is due. Its incredibly annoying.

So far so good

Ive read a lot negative reviews on this app. However, its worked very well for me so far. I can manipulate every aspect of my wireless account. Fingerprint authorization is a real plus.


This app works great! It saves time. It gives accurate information.

Great app

I love the app. Easy to navigate, quick way to pay the account and easy to follow. It is one app that I use at least once a month. It sends me a reminder of when the bill is ready and I use the app to pay my bill.

Not user friendly.Keeps asking me to sync a wearable.

I just want to see my current usage previously it would take me to my info. Now it wont allow me to go to the screen.


Easy access. Best and fastest way to pay my bill, access my account and monitor usage.

Really convenient

I love having this app, which makes it really easy to pay my wireless bill in just a couple clicks. Very convenient!


App does not respond, cycles and goes to someplace other than requested to. Need to make more robust.

Mostly perfect

When making a bill payment the app initially added my payment to the amount owed when it should have subtracted it. But it got it right a few minutes later. Convenient way to pay my monthly cell phone bill.

Horrible limited app

They brag about how much you can do from the app, but it does not work. ATT has lost its way. Horrible app and horrible customer service.

Why did you change a perfectly good app

AT@T changed their phone app and lost all my payment information. The old app worked fine. The new app is like starting all over again from scratch. There was no need to change the app, unless AT@Ts intent was to aggravate the customer, which you succeeded in doing.

Great App

Love it makes my life easier, payment comes out right away..


This app is the worst. Cant even create account. Keeps going back to step one. Horrible!!!


This app just takes you to their site where the frustration continues. Nothing like getting an "oops" message when clicking on the support link.

Slow , Janky, ironic

I find it ironic that the largest communications provider in the world has the worlds slowest, most broken , crash easily apps Ive ever had the misfortune of using. I use it anyways cause its still More pleasurable than having to go into one of those God forsaken stores or talk to the derelict staff on the phone. But Jesus, help this app. So slow. Ughhgh.

Bad working app!!

It takes multiple tries to log in, and its slow!!

Review my att app

Review my att app

Great for Bill Pay...

I love the bill pay and Touch ID. Searching for upgrade info and plan info more challenging; I have many false starts before I get to where I want to be.


Ive been trying to log on with my correct info but cant get past the first login window. Ive spent 1/2 hour and nothing. It works on my laptop not on my iPhone. This review wont let me give it one star. Garbage all around!!


Tec couldnt even get me info I needed system was so slow.

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